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Video Walkthrough

Step-By-Step Directions

Note: There are certain permissions associated with creating a planning period. If you do not see any of the permissions shown in these steps or the video, connect with your team owner or a member of the IMPACT+ team for assistance.

Step 1: Log into IM+ and go to the Homepage.

Step 2: Go to the Tools tab in the Top Navigation or the left-side navigation.

Step 3: Select the team you'd like to create a planning period for using the Current Team dropdown.

Step 4: Select + Create New Period in the left side navigation.

Step 5: Fill out the pop-up form with a start and end date, what your key focuses are (this will appear at the top of your dashboard as a reminder for your team)


  1. The start and end dates will be 90 days apart by default. We recommend 90-day periods because 90 days will give you enough time to get things done and will still challenge you to be precise and focus on the most important things.

  2. The key focus text box typically comes from the results of a recent scoring round in determining what will be most important for your organization to work towards.

  3. The recommended period targets are the most common metrics we see teams focus on in doing They Ask, You Answer. You can use the "i" icon to view them in more detail.

Step 6: Click Create Planning Period.

Wrap Up

You've now created a planning period! Next up, you'll want to set your period targets and priorities, which you can learn more about in our knowledge base article on creating your period targets and priorities.

Have other questions about IMPACT+? Click here to view our knowledge center or use the chat window to connect with a member of the IMPACT+ team.

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