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Video Walkthrough

Step-By-Step Directions

NOTE: You must create and launch a scoring round for the scorecard you wish to evaluate your team on in order to edit a scoring round. Here is a knowledge base article for how to launch a scoring round.

There are also certain permissions associated with editing a scoring round. If you do not see any of the permissions shown in these steps or the video, connect with your team owner or a member of the IMPACT+ team for assistance.

Step 1: Log into IM+ and go to the Homepage.

Step 2: Go to the Tools tab in the Top Navigation or the left-side navigation.

Step 3: Select Scorecard and navigate to the Scorecard you created a scoring round for.

Step 4: Use the horizontal toggle to go to Scoring Rounds and find the scoring round labeled In Progress. Click the scoring round to find the edit menu.

Note: If you do not see a toggle or a scoring round labeled In Progress, it means a scoring round is not currently active for this scorecard.

Step 5: Select Edit Scoring Round to edit all settings for the scorecard, including name, participants, and the due date.

Note: You can also use this edit screen to end a scoring round early if all participants have completed the scoring round before the original due date. Please see our video walkthrough for more details.

Scoring Round Edit Screen

Wrap Up

You can now edit a scoring round in IMPACT+!

Have other questions about IMPACT+? Click here to view our knowledge center or use the chat window to connect with a member of the IMPACT+ team.

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