👋🏻 Well hey there!

It's been a while since you've seen a product update article come through from me...

But I'm here to tell you we've been hard at work building out some exciting new features over the last month, and we're ready to share them with you!

Without further ado, let's get into it!

What's New?

🏔 "IMPACT+ for Teams" Improvements

Implementing They Ask, You Answer into your business is a team sport. And so, a couple of months ago we launched our "IMPACT+ for Teams" membership which was designed to help companies that want to immerse their entire organization into their TAYA efforts.

One of the benefits of IMPACT for Teams is an unlimited number of pro memberships for your entire team. If you've got 10, 15, or 20 people on your team, it can become tedious work to manually assign pro-level access to each of your team members.

So... now, when you subscribe to a "IMPACT+ for Teams" membership, the application will automatically assign pro-level access to all current AND invited team members. No more manually assigning pro seats :).

👀 Coming Soon... Current and invited team members of an organization that has "IMPACT+ for Teams" enabled, will automatically be added to their team's private community which is where all communication and connection between you, your team members and your advisor happen.

🎥 In-App, Live Events

If you're wondering what we've been spending most of our time building over the last month... here it is!

We're now able to host Live and Simulive events DIRECTLY inside IMPACT+.

No need to log in to any other applications to attend. If you're a free or pro member, and you're logged into IMPACT+, you'll have the ability to attend specific events with other members right in the platform.

During an event, you'll be able to participate in a live chat, complete polls, and interact with the speaker(s)/instructor(s).

Some of the events we plan to host will include things like:

  • Watch parties of previously recorded talks and event sessions

  • Live stream of an event hosted by IMPACT

  • Demos on how to get the most out of specific IMPACT+ features

  • Educational webinars

  • And lots more...

We're still working on an in-app event schedule for the next 6 to 12 months, so much more to come here in terms of being able to experience it for yourselves!

What's Been Improved?

📝 Subscription Management

We've updated our entire subscription management flow from beginning to end!

Now, the purchase of a new subscription (membership) and the editing or upgrading of an existing subscription should be faster and easier via the new interface.

Below is a quick walkthrough video of me showcasing how easy it is to subscribe to a new pro membership and edit that membership as your team grows an expands.

What's Been Fixed?

📈 Scorecard & Scoring Rounds

As mentioned in previous updates, we're continuing to make improvements to our scorecard (and scoring round) tool each week.

Below are the most recent updates:

  • When creating a new scoring round, the modal window will now load above all other items on the page so none of the input fields are hidden.

  • Added in light grey border lines for each of the input fields within the create new scoring round modal window so users can see where they're clicking and typing.

  • Fixed the issue with users being able to bypass the required field of "Reason for Score" when completing a scoring round.

  • Fixed the ability for a coach, leader or facilitator on a team to overwrite the score for a scoring round.

  • In order to prevent data from being hidden, we've made it impossible to set the due date of scoring round to a date previous to today.

  • Users are no longer able to submit scores for scoring rounds that have passed the due date.

✅ Membership Renewal Emails

Some of you may have received membership renewal emails from IMPACT that looked like templated code. This is because our payment processor updated their software and we need to update ours to work together with it.

Going forward, any renewal notices you receive will have the correct formatting of the date and amounts within.

Please email [email protected] if you see any issues with your renewal notices.

That's it for now!

👋🏻 See you in IMPACT+!

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