We've got a lot of improvements to cover in this week's release, so let's get to it!

What's Been Improved?

πŸ’― Scoring Round Experience

We've implemented a refreshed user interface for Scoring Rounds that was designed to accomplish three major things:

  • Allow you to see all the content on one screen without scrolling (on desktop);

  • Make the scores larger and easier to read/select, and;

  • Make it easier to know where in the Scoring Round process you are

Check it out below:

Give it a test drive in your IMPACT+ account by heading over to your Scorecard within the "Tools" section.

πŸ“ˆ Use Multiple Scorecards At The Same Time

For those that are IMPACT+ Pro members... Did you know we have more than one scorecard that you can use to measure and track your company's implementation of They Ask, You Answer?

Previously, you were only able to measure your organization on only one of the scorecards at any given time. But now, you can establish benchmarks for your organization on multiple scorecards at the same time inside IMPACT+.

🧠 Easier to Join a Mastermind Group

We've added a few visual cues that will make it easier for IMPACT+ Pro members with a Mastermind seat available to join the Mastermind Group of their choice in just two clicks!

We've heard from members that the Mastermind Groups are one of, if not the most valuable part of their pro memberships. So visit the Mastermind Group page to find and join your peers in IMPACT+!

πŸ“’ Mastermind Group Notifications

In addition to the above Mastermind Group improvement, we've also added in-app, email, and push notifications for when a fellow Mastermind Group member posts.

So now, when one of your Mastermind Group peers posts in the group, you'll receive a notification!

You have the option to adjust these settings in your Notification Settings.

What's Been Fixed?

πŸ₯Ή Resubscribe to a Cancelled Subscription

If you've cancelled your IMPACT+ Pro membership, you'll now have the option to easily resubscribe to the same plan you were on directly from your "Billing" page.

πŸ›  Fix 500 Error When Editing Posts

Previously, if you've tried to edit a post you've created, you've most likely come up against a 500 error that prevented you from doing so. That's no fun... We've gone ahead and fixed that - so edit away to your heart's content!

That's it for now!

πŸ‘‹πŸ» See you in IMPACT+!

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