What's New?

🎯 "Choose Your Plan" on Pro Upgrade Page

If you're upgrading to a pro membership either on your personal team or your business team, you'll now have the option to compare the pro membership plan options, and select the one that works best for you!

Choose a yearly plan to save 26% on your subscription, or start with a monthly plan.

What's Been Improved?

📈 Improved Scorecard Tool Usability

The Scorecard tool within IMPACT+ is the foundation from which to build your They Ask, You Answer learning and implementation strategy.

As such, you'll continue to see both simple and significant improvements being released each quarter.

Let's take a look at our most recent improvements!

1️⃣ “Submit Score” Button

The "Submit Score" button will now only be visible during an active scoring round, and will also display the correct submission deadline date. No more submitting scores for the wrong scorecard or the wrong scoring round deadline!

2️⃣ Scorecard to Scoring Round Toggle

Previously, for those teams that were using multiple scorecards (Example: Digital Sales & Marketing Mastery and Website Performance), the tool would display all of your scoring rounds for all of your scorecards within the scoring round results page despite only having one scorecard selected at a time.

Now, we've updated the toggle so that it will only display the scoring rounds related to the scorecard you have selected.

As an example, if you were on the Digital Sales & Marketing Mastery scorecard, clicking the toggle will only show scoring rounds related to that scorecard.

3️⃣ All Members Can See Individual & Team Scores

Previously, only members with specific permissions on a team would be able to view both their individual and team scores.

In order to make the scoring more transparent, we're now allowing anyone that's a part of the team to see both their individual score and the team score via the toggle that's displayed at the top of the scorecard screen.

4️⃣ Coach, Leader, and Facilitator Role Adjustments

Now, members on a business team with the role of Coach, Leader and/or Facilitator can launch, edit and complete a scoring round for any of the scorecards.

5️⃣ Team Admin Role Adjustments

Now, members on a business team with the role of "Admin" will not be able to change or edit the TEAM score of any scorecard, nor will they be able to launch or edit a scoring round.

That's it for now!

👋🏻 See you in IMPACT+!

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