What's New?

✍️ Create Posts With Rich Text from Your Mobile Devices

Now, when you create a new post from your mobile device, you'll have access to a rich text editor that uses the same text editing capabilities from the desktop application.

This means you'll be able to add headers, bullet points, italics, links, images, and other formatting enhancements to your posts while on the go!

To use these editing tools, highlight the text within your post (like you would when writing a text message), then choose the type of formatting you'd like to apply to that text.

Note that there are additional editing tools located on the far right of the editing toolbar. You can access them by swiping left on the toolbar with your finger.

Happy posting!

What's Been Improved?

πŸ‘πŸ» Upgrading to IMPACT+ Pro is Easier

Up until now, upgrading to a paid pro membership hasn't been the easiest thing to accomplish. Depending on where you are in the application, you may have had to dig through menus or navigate to another part of the application completely... That's no fun...

And so, we've just released some improvements to our pro upgrade paths within several areas within the application to making it easier for you to unlock pro-level features, when the time is right.

⚑️Coming soon! We'll soon be releasing an improved pro upgrade page design making it easier to select and see the paid pro plan that works best for you and your team.

What's Been Fixed?

  • [BUG] Autoscrolling when creating long posts: Now when you're writing longer, more detailed posts, you'll no longer be automatically scrolled to the bottom of the screen where you can no longer see what you're writing.

  • [BUG] User avatars not displaying in post comments: You might've noticed that on some posts, the avatars of specific users were displaying as broken images. This was caused by caching issue with the application and has been fixed!

That's it for now!

πŸ‘‹πŸ» See you in IMPACT+!

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