Access Joined Communities Right From Your Feed

In early February, we gave your activity feed its own home base within IMPACT+ by moving it into the "Communities" section. Now, when you click the "Communities" link in the top navigation, you'll land directly into your activity feed (

In order to make it quick and easy for you to visit the communities you've already joined, we've added a "Your Communities" section within the left sidebar.

Now you'll be able to jump right back into the discussions within your favorite communities!

Improved Recommendations For Who To Follow

With the launch of the new home screen last month, you may have seen that we've added a new section near the bottom of the screen called "Recommended People to Follow." This section is designed to help you create more connections within IMPACT+.

In this latest release, we've improved the logic for this section by:

  • Increasing the number of recommendations that you can cycle through

  • Including even more recommendations if you follow everyone in your recommendation list

  • And hiding users that you may have already followed

Now... head back to your home screen, scroll down, and start connecting with more IMPACT+ members (including me πŸ˜€)!

Fix Inviting Your Team Members Functionality

Using IMPACT+ and being successful with They Ask, You Answer is a team sport!

So when it comes time for you to invite your peers to join your business team within IMPACT+, we've made it a better experience for them.

Now, when you send them an invite, instead of being dropped directly into IMPACT+, they'll be able to go through the new onboarding sequence that will help them set up and personalize the platform based on their interests.

That's it for now!

See you in IMPACT+!

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