Updates and improvements

Single lessons page

Up until now, our single lessons page was a collection of every. single. lesson. that was in IMPACT+. That included every lesson from existing courses, every standalone lesson, all of them!

While that provided a ton of content to view, it was not a valuable experience for members and it made it very difficult to find the content you were looking for, especially if you needed a short, quick lesson to watch during your lunch break!

So, that page has now been updated to only show our 12 standalone lessons for your viewing, down from well over 100 lessons.

To find the single lessons, go to the Learn section of IMPACT+ and select Single Lessons in the left-side navigation.

TAYA scorecard resources

After you complete your first scoring round of the scorecard in IMPACT+, the app provides an "Improve this score" option for every section of the scorecard.

The resources and action items for each section of the scorecard are now updated with new content, articles, actions to take with your team, hires to make, and more, all with the intention of helping you succeed with They Ask, You answer.

That's all for this week, see you in IMPACT+!

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