New features

Updates and improvements

Learning paths

Learning paths provide a guided learning experience for members looking to succeed with They Ask, You Answer.

They are focused on building a skill set and then putting that skill set into action across different roles and areas of your business.

There are currently 5 learning paths available:

  • Getting started with They Ask, You Answer

  • Creating amazing business blog content

  • Building your virtual selling strategy

  • Generate powerful video content that gets results

  • Utilizing HubSpot and the power of your CRM


Playlists are a best-of collection of IMPACT+ content from some of IMPACT's top speakers, instructors, coaches, and personalities.

There are currently 7 playlists available:

  • Best of Marcus Sheridan

  • Best of Zach Basner

  • Best of Liz Moorehead

  • Best of Kevin Phillips

  • Best of Carina Duffy

  • Best of Chris Duprey

  • Best of Will Schultz

Updated support center

We've created 15 new support articles, broken into different categories for you to be able to easily find the answers you need!

Some of the main highlights from this initial launch:

  • Payment management

  • Building and managing your team

  • Posting and creating content

Check out the full collection in the chat in the bottom right or by visiting our support center.

That's all for this week, see you in IMPACT+!

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