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How to edit a post or comment
How to edit a post or comment
Here is how to edit an existing post or comment in IMPACT+.
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This article will cover how to edit either a post or a comment:

Editing a post

When you create a post in IMPACT+, you can select the "..." at the top right of your post to edit the post.

The drop-down will have two options, edit post or delete post. Select Edit Post to update your existing post.

When you select Edit Post, you will be brought to an edit screen similar to this one, which you can see Edit Post at the top of the screen:

You will then make your edits and click Save to publish your updates to that post.

Note: For video, or link-based post types, you cannot edit or remove the existing content. You will instead want to delete and repost with the updated content.

Editing a comment

This is very similar to editing a post, just in an existing thread.

Find a comment you created and click the "..." to find the Edit comment or Delete comment options. Select Edit comment.

Here's an example from a recent comment I left:

After selecting Edit comment, you will be shown a screen like this one where you can make updates, add links, images, or videos, and then select Update to save and publish your changes.

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