There are three (3) different roles for teams in IMPACT+:


The Owner of the team is the person who created the team and will be managing any payments for the team, as well as having all the privileges of an admin. While the owner is typically the CEO or team leader, it should be the person who will be the main point of contact for your team should a member of the IMPACT+ team need to contact them about your team, a payment, etc.


Admins on a team are able to manage a team's roster by inviting or removing team members. They are also able to assign or remove a Pro seat from a member. When using the business tools, an Admin will be able to own priorities and metrics for your team and make updates to them as well as view the Team reporting and analytics features.


A member is the most basic level for an IMPACT+ team. As a member, you are part of the team and can be assigned Pro seats as well as can access a team, but cannot make updates to the team itself.

If you'd like to learn more about Teams in IMPACT+, be sure to go to our Teams in IMPACT+ support articles!

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