When you go to the Teams page of IMPACT+, you will see that the team(s) you are a member of will be labeled with one of two tags.

There are two types of teams in IMPACT+:


Every member of IMPACT+ has a personal team, which is created when you first sign up for an IMPACT+ membership.

A personal team can only have one member, which is you! Any additional teams you create in IMPACT+ will default to a Business team, which is discussed down below.

Here's an example of what you may see with a Personal team.

With a personal team, you can purchase an individual membership in IMPACT+ and manage all of your personal settings.

Note: You should never try to delete or change your personal team settings as it could lead to issues with your IMPACT+ membership.


A business team allows you to invite additional team members to join your team and to purchase multiple IMPACT+ memberships that you can distribute to different team members.

Here's an example of what you may see with a Business team:

With a business team, you can invite team members to join you in IMPACT+, collaborate together on your They Ask, You Answer journey.

You will also unlock team reporting functionality.

When it comes to purchasing pro memberships with a business team, you can choose who those pro memberships are assigned to, which you can update at any time.

If you'd like to learn more about specific features regarding teams within IMPACT+, please check out our other articles in the Teams section!

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