New features

Optimizations and improvements

New features

Updated filtering options

Last week, we began optimizing our filtering tools for course content to be easier to find and made our filters better prioritized so you can find the content you are looking for. This was primarily focused on the order of the filters.

This week, we've fully updated our filters to be more focused and easier to use so you can find the content you are looking for.

We've simplified the number of roles being shown to six (6) roles:

  • Business leader

  • Content manager

  • Digital marketer

  • Marketing leader

  • Sales professional

  • Videographer (not featured in image below)

Roles filtering

We also reduced the number of topics available down to seven (7) topics to simplify your search experience and ensure you are going to the right place to find the right content for you to learn from.

The topic options now include:

  • Building your team

  • Building your website

  • Creating content

  • Developing your inbound strategy

  • Driving sales

  • Tools & tech (not featured in image below)

  • Utilizing HubSpot (not featured in image below)

Topics filtering

Filtering on event content

As we've optimized our course and lesson filtering, we also wanted to make it easier for you to find event content in IMPACT+ and we have now added filtering to the recordings section of our Event content.

When you go to the Recordings tab under Events, you will now see a filters section, just like courses, where you can filter for the most relevant content for you.

Note: With the volume of event content in IMPACT+, you may not see every filter option available until Monday, November 1st while we complete the tagging process.

Optimizations and improvements

Notification settings for reactions

We have added reaction notification management to our Notification settings.

This feature now allows you to toggle on email or in-app notifications for when someone reacts to your post or comment.

Reactions notification settings

That's all for this update, see you in IMPACT+!

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