Learning paths provide a guided learning experience for members looking to succeed with They Ask, You Answer.

They are focused on building a skill set and then putting that skill set into action across different roles and areas of your business.

Learning paths can be found in the Learn tab in IMPACT+ in the left-hand navigation of that tab.

What learning paths are available?

There are currently five learning paths available:

  • Getting started with They Ask, You Answer

  • Creating amazing business blog content

  • Building your virtual selling strategy

  • Generate powerful video content that gets results

  • Utilizing HubSpot and the power of your CRM

What content is included in learning paths?

In order to drive home the knowledge and skills you need and to help you put them into action, we have a variety of content available in Learning Paths, including courses, lessons, event keynotes and breakout sessions, as well as workshops and bonus content from different speakers and instructors on the IMPACT team.

How should I approach learning paths?

Learning paths are a guided learning experience and we highly recommend you watch the content and review the related resources for each in the order they are presented.

The IMPACT+ team worked directly with our coaches and trainers to ensure this content was in the best formation from start to finish.

Members have found the most success with learning paths when they identify a role or skill set they want to improve and watch parts of a course or event session then apply those learnings to their role before starting another piece of content.

Three things to note with learning paths:

  1. If you have completed any courses or event content in the past, that progress will be automatically calculated in your learning path progress.

  2. Learning paths will grow and evolve over time as new content is released or enhanced. We will do our best to keep you updated through the IMPACT+ DIGEST when these updates come around and you should be sure to engage with our community regularly to stay up to date as new content is released.

  3. Learning paths are not certifications and will not reward any academic or CE credit. Please connect directly with the IMPACT+ team for updates on certification tracks.

What membership do I need to access learning paths?

Learning paths include both Free and Pro level content for members, meaning you won't be able to access all the content available without a Pro membership. You can still click into a learning path and access the free courses or event content associated but will need to upgrade to a Pro membership to complete the learning path.

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