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This article shares how playlists work, which playlists are available, and how to best use them in IMPACT+.
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Playlists are a best-of collection of IMPACT+ content from some of IMPACT's top speakers, instructors, coaches, and personalities.

They can be found under the Events tab in IMPACT+ in the left-hand navigation of that tab.

What playlists are available?

There are seven (7) playlists available currently in IMPACT+, with more on our roadmap to launch in the future:

What content is included in playlists?

The content included in playlists varies depending on the individual being featured. Here are the main sources of content:

  • Courses & lessons

  • Keynotes

  • Event breakout sessions

  • Workshops

  • Bonus content exclusive for IMPACT+ members

This does not include all of the content from each of these individuals. You will find more content from each of them throughout IMPACT+ if you're looking for something not included in these playlists.

How should I approach playlists?

Playlists are not a guided learning approach, so there's no one way to complete a playlist.

Members have found the most success with playlists when they are looking to learn more about or connect with a specific person either for an upcoming event or coaching/training engagement with IMPACT.

Absolutely feel free to jump around between sessions or instructors that you find interesting or could be valuable.

Two things to note with playlists:

  1. If you have completed any courses or event content in the past, that progress will be automatically calculated in your playlist progress.

  2. Playlists will grow and evolve over time as new content is released or enhanced. We will do our best to keep you updated through the IMPACT+ DIGEST when these updates come around and you should be sure to engage with our community regularly to stay up to date as new content is released.

What membership do I need to access playlists?

Playlists include both Free and Pro level content for members, meaning you won't be able to access all the content available without a Pro membership. You can still click into a playlist and access the free courses or event content associated but will need to upgrade to a Pro membership to complete the playlist.

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