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Notification settings

To create an even more personalized experience for members, we have launched notification settings!

Notification settings will allow you to receive the notifications that you want to receive, where you want to receive them, whether it be in an email, in IMPACT+, both, or neither.

Here are the different areas of IMPACT+ that you can adjust notifications for:

  • Comments

  • Posts

  • Mentions

  • Updates from people you follow

  • Community and mastermind groups

  • Daily morning recaps

The notification settings are also available in the "..." when you click on the notification bell or in the drop-down menu when you click on your name.

Bug & Improvements

We are regularly updating and improving IMPACT+ to be the best community it can be. Here are the main fixes and improvements we made this week.

Mastermind meet-up invitations

  • Resolved: Mastermind meet-up calendar invitations were not factoring in timezones, which caused scheduling issues for members.

X'ing out pop-up notifications

  • Resolved: In-app notifications were not x'ing out when a member clicked the 'X' on a notification.

Notifications left unread after viewing the notification

  • Resolved: When you click on a pop-up notification, the notification was still marked as unread in the notifications section.

That's all for this update, see you in IMPACT+!

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