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Bug Fixes & Small Improvements

Team reporting and analytics

Isn't it the worst when your team is all super busy, but you don't actually know exactly what they are working on?

With our new team reporting and analytics tools, you now have visibility into how your full team and the individuals on your team are using IMPACT+, including:

  • What course or lesson content they are watching

  • Community conversations they are starting or joining

  • Events sessions they are watching or attending

This dashboard will provide you with a full team breakdown for these three categories as well as individual breakdowns for each team member. It also pulls in historical data, so have no fear if you're team has been using IMPACT+ for a long time.

  • Go to Teams

  • Select the team you want to view and set it as your active team using the Switch button

  • On the right-hand side, toggle the drop-down for that team and select Reporting & Analytics

Vidyard Recording

Looking for a member of IMPACT+ and can't seem to find their profile so you can send them a message or give them a follow?

With our new community member search functionality, you can now search through every member of a specific community to find exactly who you are looking for.

To use this search functionality:

  • Go to Communities and select the community you want to search from

  • Select the Members tab

  • Use the search bar to search for a member's name

Using member search functionality in communities

Bug Fixes and Small Improvements

We are regularly updating and improving IMPACT+ to be the best community it can be. Here are the main fixes and improvements we made this week.

Follow / Unfollow button

  • Resolved: Follow button on a member profile was not showing the correct information after being clicked


  • Improved: It's now easier to select the reaction you want to leave on a post (Love, Like, Insightful, Curious, Celebrate).

That's all for this update, see you in IMPACT+!

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